As the industry shifts towards slow fashion, artisan made products are on the rise. One of the hottest new techniques when it comes to fabrics is nuno felting. We chat with expert Shannah Warwick of BLCKBTS about her trusted method.

Done entirely by hand, the process incorporates wool fibers down into the weave of a base fabric. For Shannah’s collection, made in upstate New York, she uses a luxury micron wool and a sheer, natural base fabric. During the process, the base fabric shrinks about 40%-50%, resulting in a new, highly textured textile.

BlckBts fabrics drape similarly to the base fabric used, but Shannah recommends leaving room for the natural nuances of the patterned wool throughout. The fabrics can be used to make full garments or as textured details.

Want your own specialized fabric with a process story? Check out the collection on Queen of Raw HERE.

Everything you see is available in 3 yard panels at approximately 22’’ wide, but can also be customized. To use BlckBts fabric in a certain area of your design, just send specific dimensions of your pattern piece to:

Working this way results in less waste for designers. And all BlckBts waste fabric and supplies are collected and used throughout the year for samples, teaching, and a culminating “recycled runway” project benefiting their local Arts Council.

Nuno felted fabrics can last a lifetime. Do not miss the new new!