Tesla, SpaceX, and SolarCity boss Elon Musk recently released his glass solar roof panels for sale. They are designed to be a more attractive way to introduce solar panels to homes. This is just a part of Elon's global mission to change the world. But what if fashion could have an equally profound effect on the world? 18 year old ROSEMARIE SOMA, an avid upcycler and recycler, is dreaming up the possibilities.

Working with 360Fashion Network's LED RIBBONS she created one-of-a-kind backpacks and statement necklaces, as well as tutorials to help other designers create tech enabled products. When we asked her about her ideas for the future of solar powered fashion she said:

What if the LED ribbon was powered by the sun, so our garments would charge when we were outside and then light up indoors? In a fashion technology interview I just watched, someone mentioned a dress that would heat up so you didn’t have to wear a jacket, much like an electric blanket. I wonder if that could be solar powered as well, with tiny solar panels as beads or embellishments along the shoulders. It could look really cool!

We should tell Elon to save the scraps from manufacturing his solar roof panels and send them to Rosemarie to use in her collections.

Rosemarie's in-depth tutorials can be found on her YOUTUBE CHANNEL.

And her advice to designers? Create, put yourself out there by sharing what you do, meet people with like minds, and take every (smart) opportunity. Spoken like a true visionary!