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BlckBts is a collection of nunofelted fabrics consisting of a custom dyed, natural base fabric nunofelted with merino wool. Nunofelting is the process of incorporating wool fibers into the weave of the natural base fabric through agitation and shrinkage, giving the resulting fabric a highly textured, dimensionional, electric pattern; the incorporated wool adds natural texture & fashionable edge to the translucent silk.

BlckBts nunofelted fabrics are available in custom hand-dyed colorways in yardage, panels, or sized pieces to suit your design needs. 
Fabric is hand felted in upstate New York by fabric manipulation expert & designer Shannah Warwick. Shannah is a successful designer of fashion accessories and perfected the nunofelting technique to express her own garment construction goals. She hosts fabric workshops throughout New York & Philadelphia and her artistic collections are featured in top boutiques & national print campaigns.

Contact Info :

Phone: 1-267-968-2085
Website: http://blckbts.com/

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