Adhesive & Edge Stain Sample Kit

4 oz. Containers: ● W-206: pressure sensitive adhesive for turning edges ● P-560: adhesive for PU, PVC, & patent leather ● BL-5518A: cohesive for non-wovens, fabric, & leather ● BR-790: laminating adhesive - use when adhesive is wet ● S300: contact cement for belts & straps ● 801A: for light colors, PU, PVC, & difficult to adhere materials 2 oz. Containers: ● P-3700 Primer: use as base coat before edge stain ● S-3800 Black Matt Edge Stain
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The Adhesive & Edge Stain Sample Kit includes all the items referenced above. Made with the highest quality ingredients, all products are water-based, easy to use, low-odor, resist mold and discoloration, non-flammable, and non-hazardous. Designed to adhere to leather, bonded leather, patent leather, PU, PVC, vinyl, fabrics, and wood, all products are California Prop 65 & REACH compliant, Made in USA, and have a shelf life of one year. Recommended Adhesive Applications: ●Pressure Sensitive Adhesives For Turning Edges: (i) Adhesive is tacky when dry; (ii) Apply to surface and adhere wet or dry; (iii) Fast grab; (iv) Provides adhesives with permanent, temporary, or repositionable bonds ●Heat Activated Adhesives: (i) Coat on one or two surfaces and let dry; (ii) Reactivate with heat and pressure ●Contact Cements: (i) Coat on both sides, let dry and put together; (ii) Adhesives adhere to themselves ●Laminated Adhesives: (i) Permanent bonding of two different materials; (ii) Coat on one side and adhere while adhesive is wet
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