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Solving excess inventory through science-based technology.

Our technology balances supply chain profitability with sustainability and drives the customer experience.

Queen of Raw’s Software, Materia MX:
The “ERP of Excess™ Inventory”

At Queen of Raw, we are committed to making the circular economy easy for everyone to participate in.

From a phone in the palm of your hand to a portal on your laptop, our award-winning software, Materia MX, solves your global excess inventory and shares your impact with the world.


The ERP of Excess™ - Achieves Real Results

Our global supply chain software delivered shareholder value and helped clients reach more customers.


Ralph Lauren’s CEO celebrates achievements through Queen of Raw’s Materia MX

Shein is using Queen of Raw’s Materia MX to reach more global customers while building a more sustainable brand.

“Queen of Raw is challenging the status quo by driving sustainable change.”
– Christian Klein, Chief Executive Officer, SAP

“Working with Queen of Raw on the Materia MX Impact Footprint Reporting Tool is exciting because it allows everyone to participate in the circular economy.” – Casey van Der Stricht, Principal, Solve Innovation Future, MIT Solve

Easily connect with your customers
while driving brand equity with circularity

3x your customer conversion rate

148M positive global impressions

Reduce operational costs by 15%+

Leverage our global network of 30k

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$3M in Revenue Unearthed via Supply Chain Efficiency:

One of our clients, a Fortune 50 corporation, unearthed $3M in revenue through centralizing excess inventory.

Mitigated Supply Chain Risk & Loss by 60%:

One of our Fortune 500 enterprise clients saved 60% on material costs and reduced their time to market and carbon footprint.

Created $14M in New Profit Centers+ 95% Landfill Diversion:

One of our Fortune 500 enterprise clients saved $10M in otherwise unsellable inventory and $4M in holding costs through resale and recycling initiatives achieving 95% landfill diversion.